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How to advertise your application for a variation of an O-licence - Public Notice

This article explains how to advertise an application for a variation of an existing O-licence. If you need to advertise for a brand new O-licence, use these instructions: hirett.com/advert-new-application

When you apply to open an operating centre, you must pay to advertise the application in a local newspaper and send a copy of the advert to the Traffic Commissioner's licencing office or upload it online to your application.

To find a newspaper, Google the phrase: 'newspaper in city' (for example: 'newspaper in Birmingham') in the area of your operating centre and have them publish a public notice. Also use legalads.co.uk or email them on info@legalads.co.uk for an additional quote to compare prices.


Write the advert using our advert template (variation of a licence). Remember not to delete or change words on the template unless the instructions say you can. Always put the same number of trailers as the number of vehicles in your public notice and the application (even if you don't need trailers).


Your advert must appear in the period from 21 days before to 21 days after you've made your application, to give people the chance to object.

Choosing a newspaper

The newspaper has to:

  • be local, not regional or national
  • cover the area where the operating centre's based
  • carry stories as well as adverts – free sheets aren't suitable
  • include other public notices like planning applications

Proving you've published the advert

Once it's been published, send the whole newspaper page containing your advert to us. Make sure your copy includes:

  • the newspaper's full name
  • the publication date

Upload both the front page and the entire page with your public notice to your application under: "Operating centres and authorisations" → Click on the address of your operating centre → Click "Upload" at the bottom of the page.

Applying for more than one operating centre

When you apply for more than one operating centre, you should publish separate adverts if they're in areas covered by different local newspapers.

If they're in an area covered by the same local newspaper, one advert is enough. But it must include:

  • each operating centre's address
  • the number of vehicles and trailers you'll be keeping at them