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Guide - How to Apply for an Operator's Licence and More - Transport Manager Available

We now have a more detailed, complete and better organised guide to applying for an operator's licence at this link: TransportForum.com/guide-olicence


Rates and other details about container haulage work can be viewed and downloaded here:
Loads are available out of Felixstowe, London-Tilbury, Southampton, all year round, heading to all areas of the UK.

You don't need to have any vehicles before you apply for an operator's licence and it doesn't matter how your will obtain your vehicles later (buy, hire, lease, rent, borrow or by any other means). Everything in this guide still applies in the same way.

Video - How to apply for an Operator's licence (set the playback speed at 1.25 or 1.5 to get through it quicker):
Make sure to look in the description of that video for more info.

This is where you can create an account and start your O-licence application online as described in the video above:
Then, click "Manage Users" at the top and add me as an "Administrator" user, not a transport manager. Name: Dmitry Nade. Email: qqnade@gmail.com . Choose any new available username. Example with pictures.

Free assistance with your Operator's Licence applications and variations:

How to find a parking location for your HGV / PSV (called an Operating Centre):
Look up other operators by a partial post code or city here:
Their operating centres (which are parking locations) will be listed on their licenses. Go and talk to somebody there, ask for and negotiate a place to park your vehicle(s).

Video - How to find an Operating Centre for your Operator's Licence 
Short version: https://youtu.be/fH4NulMc_xo
Longer, more detailed version (set the playback speed at 1.25 or 1.5 to get through it quicker):
Make sure to look in the description of that video for more info.

Transport manager (CPC holder) rates for your Operator's licence, available anywhere in the UK:

Video: Bank Statement Requirements for Operator's Licenses
Financial requirements for an Operator's licence (Financial Standing):
Trailers don't count as 'vehicles' for the purposes of calculating your financial requirements. So if you are applying for 1 vehicle and 1 trailer, that's counted only as 1 vehicle and you need to have £8,000 on your bank account.

How to advertise your new application for an O-licence - Public Notice instructions with a template:
Always put the same number of trailers as the number of vehicles in your public notice and the application (even if you don't need trailers). Upload both the front page and the entire page with your public notice to your application under: "Operating centres and authorisations" → Click on the address of your operating centre → Click "Upload" at the bottom of the page.

Transport manager's duties and responsibilities (compliance only). See Section 13a of the TM1 form:
hirett.com/form-tm1 or look here: hirett.com/tm-responsibilities

What you have to do as an operator or a transport manager to keep your company compliant with regulations - look at this RHA operator audit report, it will give you good ideas for what to do:

Hirett can get you a transport manager at no additional cost (see the rates above) but if you prefer to look for a transport manager yourself, you can join our Facebook group where we have 6000 members and post a "transport manager required" ad for free: 
CPC Transport Managers UK

Cheap truck and bus insurance:

How to Obtain a Transport Manager CPC for HGV (Freight / Road Haulage):

How to Obtain a Transport Manager CPC in Passenger Transport (PSV):

Video - Transport Manager CPC for HGV - Exam Questions - Multiple Choice:

Where to buy trucks - Most dealers have in-house finance but we can get you better rates:
trucks.autotrader.co.uk or Ebay

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Full operator licence received in 28 days:

Interim operator licence received in 10 days:

Full operator licence received in exactly 1 month:

Full operator licence received in 1 month and 2 days:

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